The Search Continues for Reverend Ross

[Ottawa Area] The beloved Reverend Ross continues to elude searchers after being discovered missing more than two weeks ago.

The Reverend made news earlier this month after protesting the opening of the Mojo Market, a protest that later turned into a riot and had the Reverend leave the mall shouting. He was briefly arrested for starting the riot, and was in custody for several days before being released.

The Reverend Donovan Ross has been missing since sometime before February 7th, when he went in to film his popular television show, Illuminations. It was at this time that it was discovered that he was not actually himself, but an impostor, a magically-enhanced replacement whose name has not yet been released. No information has yet been discovered as to how long he has been missing, why he is missing, or where he may be.

His congregation and a few other concerned citizens have set up search parties and are combing the area around Ottawa and its neighbouring communities. Nothing has yet been found, but as one of his closest friends, Laurence Holt, says, “We are considering this as good news. If we have been unable to find anything, then it means he is probably still alive somewhere. Please, if anyone has any information, we are offering a substantial reward. Please visit and you can stay completely confidential if that is what you wish. We just want to find him.”

- R. Kenneth Kale, The Ottawa Connection



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